The Microfiber concept

How it works

Our microfibers have unique capabilities because they absorb dust and other particles from any type of surface; dry, damp or wet.  Traditional cleaning materials are not capable of performing the same functions due to the physical composition of their materials. 

Microfibers perform better due to three reasons: static electricity, capillary power and their ability to break the surface tension of water.
Traditional Methods

Traditional cleaning methods rely heavily on water and chemicals to loosen and lift soils from surfaces, and then either a mop or rag is used to remove this dirty water and chemical combination.  Because these materials cannot hold all of the loosened soils, some of it is left on the surface or in some cases spread around. 

You will see this especially in traditional mopping by looking at the baseboards, where a dirt film develops.
Microfiber Method

Our microfibers have one key feature common throughout all of the product range, 100% split fibers, which have double the absorption rate compared to cotton.

This not only allows the user to clean traditional surfaces more effectively, but also able to clean surfaces such as vinyl, textiles, computer keyboards and ather electronic equipment.
The Microfiber concept

The three reasons that make microfibers effective are:

1. Static electricity. The material is a mix of polyester and polyamide, which has a natural positive electric charge that will attract the negatively charged dust & dirt. In short - the microfiber attract dust like a magnet.

2. The capillary power. This is created because of the millions of uneven fibers created during the splitting process, which makes the products absorb extremely well (six to seven times its own weight).

3. Breaking the surface tension of water.  The uneven, split fibers perform this function just as a chemical would.  Allowing the microfiber mop or cloth to remove soils with water only.