About CleanSystem

Our Business

Our business is a complete cleaning concept built upon the utilization of microfiber technology.  At the core, are our unique fibers from which we knit and weave our products.  From our split microfiber material, we have developed a wide range of products that are incorporated into our concept.  The result is a more efficient and safer way to clean for the user.  The four key words that characterize our approach are quality, function, ecology and ergonomics.

We manufacture our own microfibers, from raw fiber to finished goods, which allows us the ability to offer a wide variety of products to fill our customer's needs.  This also ensures control over quality and deliveries, allowing our business partners to have a stable and reliable supply chain. Read more about our production facilities.

Our main focus has been in the commercial and professional market, where the benefits of cleaning with microfibers has been growing over the last few years.  Based on practical experience with our commercial cleaning customers, we have developed a unique software program called CleanPlan which allows the user to take full advantage of the productivity benefits of microfiber cleaning.

Today, we sell microfiber products through our partners and distributors in both the professional and domestic markets in Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Australia.